It all started in 1981 when a boy’s friend showed him the computer lab at school, and the boy found out that computers are cool.

There were some really cool computers then. Not as powerful as today’s, but never the less pretty cool. The boy could not help but to program and find out everything he could about computers.

Then the PC era took over. An era of boring computers. There was the Mac, that was somewhat cool. But now we are back to having a way cool computer, the Mac with OS X, and it is also really cool to program. Thus I could not help but program for it and Cool Things Made was born in February 2007. It became Cool Things Made, LLC in September 2008.

What bugs you?

Does something in our products or website bug you? Or do you have any questions that are unanswered, let us know. We would love to fix it or help out. Email me directly at sean@coolthingsmade.com.