Cool Big Clock


CoolBigClock-128.pngNo more stress or fustration in trying to see that wee little clock in the menu bar. CoolBigClock is a clock in the elegant style of the Mac's Heads Up Display volume indicator or brightness indicator, but BIGGER! Great for those who have trouble seeing that small clock or need to reclaim the menu bar real estate that the Mac's built-in clock takes up.

CoolBigClock is easily seen

OS X Volume Indicator

. Press the shortcut key and it shows the time and optionally also the date. It pops up a Large Heads Up Display that is transparent and does not interfere with keystrokes our mouse clicks to the underlying applications. When the shortcut key is released the clock quickly fades away.

This might not be so obvious, but CoolBigClock does not take your focus away from what you are working on. Since the clock comes up in your field of vision you do not have to change your visual or mental focus to check the time. And since it is in the Heads Up Display style it does not interfere with the application you are currently working with. You can even keep on typing and mousing while the clock is being displayed.

Great for those with visual impairments, such as macular degeneration The clock can be huge and be seen without magnification. CoolBigClock can also speak the time when the shortcut key is pressed.

To help you keep track of the time, CoolBigClock can periodically play a chime. There are 8 built-in chimes including a booming grandfather clock style chime, a nice musical announcement chime, and even the simple hourly beep of a digital watch. You can even use any sound file supported by OS X as a chime.


  • Takes up no screen real estate.
  • Stays Hidden until needed.
  • Press a short cut to display the clock.
  • Easily Seen.
  • Easily see the time without changing your focus from what you are working on.
  • Can speak the time.
  • Can display the date.
  • Can periodically play a chime on the hour, half hour, or quarter hour.
  • Comes with 8 built in chimes
  • Custom Chimes can be added.
  • Custom chimes can be most any sound file supported by OS X.
  • Even though the clock is huge, it can be any size and positioned anywhere on the screen.

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