Ducks In A Row

I got up this morning and the dog was bald!
The kids had shaved him!

In the hustle and bustle of that morning the Ducks In A Row app was a blessing. Its checklists kept me from forgetting a thing I needed to take to work for that important presentation. I even got the kids to school on time, but I’m not sure what to do with that bald dog though.

Dicks In A Row is a checklist app that can help you keep your ducks in a row in the busyness of everyday life. It is designed to help you keep track of those repetitive tasks that occur, such as items to take on vacation, or a business trip, steps that need to be followed in a work procedure. It is not so much a todo list, but some have used it for that.

Would you like to know what you took on vacation last year or on that business trip? What you took on your last camping trip? Or was that work procedure followed last month? Ducks In A Row can automatically archive your checklists. This way you can find out what you took on that trip two years ago, or if that work procedure was followed last month.

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  • Checklists Galore
  • Checklists are archived when cleared
    (Can be turned off for each checklist)
  • Checklists can be automatically cleared daily, weekly, or on a custom schedule
  • Notes can be added to each checklist or individual checklist items
  • Checklists and checklist items can be reordered when in edit mode

Tips and Tricks:

Set up a morning and an evening checklist (set them to automatically clear at midnight and noon respectively). Add the things you forget to take to work or do in the mornings to the morning checklist. Add the things you forget to do before going to bed to the evening checklist. Now use it everyday. This is great to help you remember to take medications.

Get Ducks In A Row today! Available in the App Store

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